Monday, July 14, 2014

As The Story Progresses

A word from the author…

It is important for me to make clear a couple things at this point.

1) All work presented here is, however polished or complete, a draft, subject to revision and likely to be revised before it sees print on real paper. While I don't foresee there ever being drastic changes to any storyline, it is quite possible that I'll tweak some detail here or there, or flesh out something else, or trim the fat generally. As the final arbiter of what Tharia is and how its stories are told, I intend to be fussy and thorough in the name of getting it right. I'm fairly sure that's a good thing.

2) This is a major learning experience for me! It is also a chance for me to shine creatively and run free and mostly unbounded. Thing is, Tharia is not simply some idea I have. Rather, it is the summation of all my hopes and desires, representing my love of fantasy realms, a deep-seated love born in the reading of Old School fantasy literature, nursed by worlds of mythology, and reared on a diet of D&D and World of Warcraft.


3) My open sharing of Tharia's stories—by offering to backers roles in its unfolding history—is an expression of my desire to excite and enrapture others with the joy of fantasy. Of course doing so benefits me, but it is also a monumental challenge that I feel a calling to tackle. You have the opportunity to actually interact with an author, me, and stake a claim in my world. It is a grand experiment, altering fundamentally how I treat my characters, because some of them shall effectively be real people. How all of this works now is mostly theoretical, but in future it will create a world enjoyed purely as a story by most, while a few others will know that they participated in its active realization by lending themselves like live spirits to its development while supporting its continued existence.

The story will be grand, to be sure. Tharia is a huge world, with vast stretches of virtually unknown lands just waiting for exploration, peopled with all manner of intelligent species, along with monsters and other fascinating creatures—some familiar, some not.

It is my sincerest hope that you will want to explore it with me.

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