Saturday, July 12, 2014

Testing… One. Two. One. Two. Testing…

Ladies, gentlemen, and all good people:

Tharia: Roads To Adventure is just about ready to go live with the first official, canon storyline. My first backer—a gracious and good friend—asked for her kids to be in the story, and the result (ongoing) is their role in the first official story: brother and sister adventurers from the large, isolated realm of King's Isle, seeing the main continent for the first time. The elder sibling, a mage; the younger, a priestess and healer. Both are untried in the greater world. Both are brave and skilled. Both have their secrets, and both a familial bond that will keep them together even as they discover the wonders and terrors of the greater world.

More stories are there, waiting in the wings. (And what wings they are!) History is beginning to unfold itself, every crease an adventure, every wrinkle a plot.

I hope you'll join me in exploring Tharia through the eyes of its inhabitants. I hope some of you will even want to become inhabitants!

Let's discover the world—together.